Our Motorcycle Seat Upholstery Services

We can provide GEL INSERTS for your motorbike seat - call us now!

I have ridden bikes all my life and know what its like after hours of riding. Auto Marine Interiors now do Gel Inserts for your motorbike's seat. Send in your Seat and we will remove the cover, set the Gel into the foam, then cover that with a layer of memory foam for even more comfort. This is also the time to make those adjustments to the foam unit, to better suit your riding position, e.g. take some foam of the kick up to allow you to move back off the tank, or to round off the edge. These are not big adjustments, but can sometimes make all the difference.

We can do work on CLASSIC & VINTAGE motorbike seats

As a keen motorcyclist with a passion for classic bikes, I've had clients come to me with only a seat pan and a photo.
At Auto Marine Interiors we can carve a new foam unit and recover it to original form.

At Auto & Marine Interiors we also make covers for Vintage spring saddles. These are Custom fit to each saddle.


Auto Marine Interiors can customize your seat to suit your needs, or to fit a custom project.